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I am not your typical story, started fishing when I was a kid with dad, my passionate for fishing started later than most, in my late 20s, and I wished I started at a younger age. I was introduced to the sport 6 years ago was taught the basics, and thatís when the fishing adventures began and I was hooked on the sport. It wasnít until 2011 I started competing in the tournament seen fishing the local teamís events.

I am an active member of the ABT Bream Tournament series and am a regular on the teams bream and bass circuits on the east coast of Australia.

2013 has been a big year for me; I attended the Trout Summit at Lake Crackenback with well known anglers Steve Starling, Peter Morse and others, the knowledge and experience I gained on fly fishing was memorable and will continue in the future.

I also had competed in the BETS Bream series, Gamakatsu team series, ABT Bream Tournament series and a few Bass Tournaments. My decision to compete in the ABT Bream Tournament series in 2013 to present as a non-boater exposed me to so many techniques used by different anglers the amount I learnt from the boaters I have been paired with is second to none and has lead me to recently be ranked number one.

My most vivid memories are trips made to Mallacoota where each visit I have increased my personal best bream and flathead I love to fish this waterway as it never fails to produce quality fish. My success in 2013 at Gippsland Lakes in the ABT Bream Tournament series is high on my personal achievements as well, finishing in 4th place as a non boater and beating many well known anglers was a great thrill. Also coming 8th place as a non boater at the Derwent River, Tasmania, I thought the bream at Mallacoota were big, until I landed a Tassie Monster measuring 43cm tip. Or maybe it was my first Rainbow Trout on a soft plastic at Lake Crackenback in winter, or even my first Brown Trout I caught in the Eucumbene River on a glow bug, the amazing colours on these trout are spectacular, the scenery was breathtaking seeing snow on the mountains and knowing this location is so close to home.

Or my trip to Vanuatu has to be my most memorable, catching a 32Kg Giant Trevally and along with a 17Kg Mahi Mahi, was incredible.

My goals are to experience every aspect of fishing from freshwater to saltwater on either spin reel or fly and share my experience with everyone through photos and stories and maybe film one day. Every location is a chapter in my fishing adventures and the journey is the destination.

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